The Center for Water Innovation (CWI) at Washington University in St. Louis aspires to be a nationally recognized leader in water research that enables sustainable water and wastewater management. It provides a platform for industry-university dialogue and facilitates interactions among potential collaborators towards joint research efforts. Academic researchers desire realistic conditions in which to validate their fundamental discoveries. Water and wastewater utilities often face challenges that can be addressed by research but lack necessary analytical tools and research experience.  CWI connects these communities to address both of their needs, thereby providing a sustainable level of regional research support to faculty research groups and existing channels for connecting utility personnel with researchers who can provide solutions to their technology needs.

CWI supports both fundamental and applied research to develop advanced technologies and strategies for improving the efficiency of water and wastewater treatment and recovering valuable resources from wastewater. The research activities aim to address water-related social and economic challenges and create business opportunities for the water economic ecosystem. CWI collectively showcases the research findings by WashU faculty to a broad audience and promote WashU’s environmental engineering program at a national and international level. Through research, the next generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs are being educated and trained to advance water research, technology, and business. 

Zhen (Jason) He, CWI Director
Kimberly Parker, CWI Associate Director